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4th Annual Cancer Awareness Conference and Health Fair

4th Annual Cancer Awareness Conference and Health Fair November 19th , 2016 from 1pm to 6:30 pm Our Annual Breast Cancer Conference of 2016 (held at Doubletree Hotel, Tucker, GA) included panel discussion with Dr. Daniel Tesfaye, Dr. Yohanes Endeshaw, Dr. Messay Teferi on numerous health topics while two young GA State University college students, Seble Mengstie and Saba Debebe, presented on the importance of seeking regular health check up and encouraged the community to fight the stigma of cancer in our community and seek treatment.


Panelist: Dr.Yohanese Endeshaw, Dr.Daniel Mengstie, and Dr. Mesay Teferi. And the additional Speakers: Seble Mengstie & Saba Debe, Ato Safi Amin

At the start of the conference, Dr. Tesfaye presented on Stroke, he touched on the most common symptoms of stroke, treatment and stressed the importance of taking doctor prescribed medications in order to avoid further complication of stroke. As the panel discussion got under way, many of guests had questions about Blood Pressure medications, sleep apnea, exercise and dieting, breast cancer surgery and genetic testing for cancer, screening/counseling among many others. Seble and Saba presented on the importance of informing younger generation of the medical history of the family. They stressed the importance of taking care of oneself before worrying about others. They also encouraged parents to inform their children of their diagnosis and involve them in their care. There were also other testimonials, Aster Kassa thanked God ; the people of Atlanta, her family and our director, Fifi Derso who helped her get through her tough time after the delivery of her twins.


Fifi Derso gave an update of the works ABCF has done since our last conference; helped three women with breast cancer in Ethiopia with their chemotherapy treatment , transportation, food and rent and two women in Atlanta with resources , support and care. We have also donated 15 mattresses to women & children ward at Felege Hiwot hospital in Bahirdar. A short video of a patient named Bosena from Ethiopia was played, sharing the support she received from ABCF and people of Atlanta.

As in the past, this year’s annual conference was not just talks and lectures. It was a brief presentation, followed by panel discussion with our own experts in their field, and testimonial; our guests were entertained by renowned Ethiopian comedian MelkamZer Semework, fashion show by Sosna traditional cloth, a beautiful poem written and read by Ato Safi Amin about the agony of breast cancer.

In addition to this event being educational and fun, it is also one of our first biggest event to raise funds to sustain the work that we do, hence, we want to thank all who participated in the auction, and Eskinder Haile Mariam for donating the beautiful painting for auction. We were able to meet our fundraising goal for this year. Thank you!

picture-3 Ethiopian Community won the bid


We the board directors of ABCF: Fifi Derso, Tsedale Alayu, Addis Bekele, Eleni Mamo, Wosenseged Kebede, Wesen Hagos, Fasika Derso ;Bethelehem Abera and all Volunteers would like to thank all participants, families and friends from Atlanta, and out of state (Chicago, Dallas, California and Nashville TN). Especial Thanks to the MCs (Ato Daniel Mengiste and Comedian Melkamzer Semework); (Tedy) Admas radio /DINQ magazine, Info Mereja Media and TK show. And all the wonderful individuals, group (FIKIR women’s mahiber); families and friends who helped us with selling tickets and donated the refreshments.

We are very grateful having our panelist Dr. Daniel Tesfaye, Dr.Yohanes Endeshaw and Dr. Mesay Teferi who took the time out of their busy schedule to educate and transfer their valuable knowledge to our community especially Dr. Mesay Teferi who traveled so far to be with us . And the two young ladies of Georgia state University students Seble and Saba whose presentation captured the emotion of our audience.

We also would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors Desta Ethiopian Kitchen; Ledet Restaurant; Piassa Restaurant; ZAK pharmacy; Eyerus Mart, Elsa Mart; Fifi Tax and insurance; Dawit Tax & insurance; Advance tax & insurance services; Memorial dr. Family Medicine; Law office of Manchilot Guande; Emama Cafe; LULU package store; as well as all generous individuals donors; Tsgie Kelemwork (Fabulous Décor) for decorating the event hall; Video and photo by Photo Wesen, Sound system By Anteneh (Kertina production. Yohanese Moges technical support, Tesfahun Aregai donated health screening product and device and sister Kidist Seyoum who traveled far to be with us and providing health screening service.

We also thank the Ethiopian Community of Atlanta (ECA); the Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (ECAC), Ethiopian Orthodox churches (Debre Haile st. Gabriel; Bisrate st. Gabriel; Sahilete Kidist Mariam; Tsion Mariam, Medhanealem; and Evangelist Ethiopian Church. We thank you again for making the 2016 Cancer Awareness Conference a success!!!!

Those of you who could not attend the conference this year, we hope to see you in the coming year in the meantime, please get involved! All sub committees are accepting members. To join us or learn more, please check out our website at or call 678-278-9434

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