Our Mission.

Alemtsehay Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help Ethiopian women abroad and at home, who are burdened with financial need to access screening, diagnosis, and treatment for breast cancer. ABCF is also devoted to guide Ethiopian women to optimal health through increased awareness about breast cancer and diseases associated with cancer.‚Äč

Approximately 300,000 women and over 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and more than 40,000 people will die from the disease. Education and early detection of breast cancer saves lives and reduces the need for sometimes painful and expensive treatments, which is why ABCF relentlessly raises funds every day of the year to fulfill its mission.

Our Vision.

ABCF as a stable organization achieves the stated mission through seminars, workshops, and town hall meetings. The organization will be supportive to breast cancer survivors to run a prosperous, rewarding life while being supportive to others through their mentorship regardless of where they are on their breast health journey.

Our Goals.

1. Increase awareness among Ethiopian men and women by bringing frank discussion concerning breast cancer early detection, and treatment in places such as, social gatherings, workplace, churches, and home.

2. Establish breast cancer survivor support groups in various Ethiopian communities throughout the U.S. that provide information and one-to-one support for those diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatment.

Our Strategy.

1. Conduct seminars, research, and case studies to evaluate the prevalence of breast cancer among Ethiopian women who live abroad and at home

2. Disseminate information about breast cancer by using readily available social media in various Ethiopian communities.

3. Access resources to address cultural and financial issues that make it difficult to get regular checkups and screenings for breast cancer

4. Conduct annual fund raising events

Our mission can’t continue without the generous support from people like you. Please consider helping us help those who cannot.

We need your help to win the fight.